We Can Help With Child Custody Issues

Undoubtedly, the most stressful part of divorce when you are a parent is child custody issues. Deciding how your kids will divide their time between parents is full of uncertainty. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Ronald B. Greene help Maryland parents who are going through a divorce or who need to work out custody and visitation.

Maryland courts no longer assume that children should automatically be placed with their mother. Fathers and mothers often end up with joint custody arrangements, which are frequently preferable and in the children's best interests. While parenting time may be roughly equal, it may not be exact; for instance, having a child move from one home to another during the week may be disruptive, so alternative arrangements might make more sense.

What If I'm Not Married?

Not all parents who are battling over child custody or visitation rights are going through a divorce. Parents have rights and responsibilities whether or not they are married. As a result, unmarried fathers may have to assert their rights to achieve visitation with their children. As experienced child custody and visitation lawyers, we can help.

Children are often without a voice in this process. That's why it is crucial to keep their best interests at heart when making decisions. Ronald B. Greene has several decades of experience handling even the most difficult and sensitive divorce and custody cases.

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