I Want To File For Divorce. What Should I Do Now?

When it becomes clear that your marriage is ending, you have some choices to make. You might elect to wait for your spouse to file for divorce first — or hope that he or she simply won't file at all. It is often a more prudent option to get ahead of the game and meet with an experienced divorce lawyer so that you can consider all your options and decide on the timing of filing for divorce.

When you talk to the attorneys at The Law Offices of Ronald B. Greene, you'll learn that knowledge about your situation is power. With 30 years of experience helping Maryland residents with their family law issues, Ronald B. Greene will help you get a firm grasp on what to expect in divorce proceedings.

We Help Make Sure All Your Bases Are Covered

Issues you may encounter in a divorce include:

  • Custodial rights. Where will your children live and how big of a role will each parent have in their lives?
  • Child support. What kind of payment schedule should you expect?
  • Property division. How will assets like the family home, bank accounts and automobiles be handled?

The Law Offices of Ronald B. Greene maintains relationships with accountants, real estate agents and other professionals to assist our clients with issues that arise in divorce and other family law matters.

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